Thursday, May 7, 2009

What a brave new world!

Here I am, starting a blog. My wife started one and I thought "That's cool, I want one!" From there it everything kinda fell apart. First of all hers had a determined focus. Mine..I just wanted to blog something.
1. Be focused. (I'll work on that)

So I talked to my wife and said "Honey, I have no purpose, no focus!"
She said "Dahh!?!"
"No", I said, "I mean my blog. Just what is it I'm trying to do with this?"
So I describe my inner most needs and desires to her and,.. well we won't go there, but the general idea is that she thinks I want to write a column. Well, I guess that's right. Mostly I just want to write. So this blog shall start with little or no purpose (do what you know best) and hopefully evolve into something useful. Mostly the problem is I want to do some fiction, some journaling, some philosophizing. It's like eating olives and ice cream at the same time. What I'll do first is get a little fiction out of my system, and then move along to more purposeful stuff. The next three posts will be fictionalized geocache pages that I already posted, but that are still on my mind. I want to revisit them, both physically and virtually here. I just like the feel of them and their tinge of oddness.
Hopefully this will all work out.


  1. I'm told that blogging can be cathartic! Actually, I've been a sporadic LiveJournal(er) for a number of years and journaling/blogging can be most fulfilling!

    re: Hopefully this will all work out.
    It will! Words are immensely powerful and you have been blessed with the ability to paint pictures with words . . what a spectacular gift!

  2. Bravo! Welcome to the madness. I've started a dozen blogs in the past, but I've finally managed to stick with one, albeit sporadically (as my last blog post will attest). I've enjoyed your cache pages; I'm sure your blogs will be equally as interesting and educational.