Sunday, May 3, 2009

Edison's Light

Ok so here is my first story. Kinda funky, a little different. A lot of what I have written in here are things I have read by theoretical physicists on the "kinda out there" level of discussion, such as the mathematical trick that converts an electron into an anti-electron (positron); and the idea that all electrons might be the same electron.

Edison’s Light

~~~It seems not so long ago. I had just learned of the fact. It struck me as profound truth, not fact. That’s when I began. Tinkering at first, but mostly just thinking. But more than thinking really. Obsessing I suppose. Yes, obsessing. It was constant. A thing I could not let go. It seemed so powerful - and it was.
~~~Failures came. Failure after failure. But that was no hindrance in the least. I had expected those. What I didn’t expect was how they spurred me on. Obsessed me all the more. I lost friends, family, job, position. This didn’t bother me in the least. One would think it would. It certainly at least should.
~~~I knew where this would carry me, yet I could have cared less. In fact I craved it. It was magnetic. I was drawn like iron to a lodestone. Yes, and much the same in actual fact. Electro-magnetic entanglement. It became a founding principle in my theory of how it would all work. No, I am no scientist, no scholar. I am a professor of nothing. But I am a part of this universe and I knew where its trapdoor lay.
~~~You see it has been proven now that all electrons are the same. No, not just in properties, but they are all the same. The same electron. Thirty years ago in 2010 I had read about this idea and it struck me then. It seemed so true. But I had also read another thing which now I have at last connected, all these years latter. Electrons and anti-electrons. Particles and anti-particles. The universe should be balanced with equal numbers of each. So where are they? The Anti’s? Years ago I read of a mathematical trick that a physicist had done. It was just chalk on chalkboard mind you, but the math worked. There was nothing to give a clue that it existed in reality - whatever that is.
~~~You see if you take an electron and cause it to meet up with an anti-electron, there is a flash of energy and an annihilation of both. Or so we thought. But what these calculations said was that they were the same electron! How so? As the electron moves forward in time and space to meet what we think of as its counterpart, it makes a quantum U-turn, there is a burst of energy, and it travels backwards in time and space. Yes, anti-electrons are electrons with an opposite charge traveling backwards in space/time. It is the same electron!
~~~So, you must see how it is. The fabric of the universe is more than just two dimensional. Of course we should have seen this. The old concept of the doppelganger, only we have met the enemy and they are us! But I wish to see it for myself. And so I go on this journey, light of heart, giddy as a schoolgirl, ready and willing to meet my fate. Damn the torpedoes! I am ready! My time and place are laid out before me. I raise my rod and spread the seas of time!

photo by Parkeharrison
story by EraSeek

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