Thursday, September 11, 2014

When I Have Grown Old and Body Weary

When I have grown old and body weary,
When mind and eyes are fading
And all my pleasures are past me,
When I breathe slow and heavy,
And my last steps are near,
Do this for me!

Take me to a grand trailhead!
One that I have loved or know not yet!
Replace my cane with a long and light ice axe,
Allow me a kiss and hug,
And prove your love for me!
Set me on my way!
Allow me my last freedom!

Chain me not to this society's answer
Of relinquished responsibility:
Sentenced to a bed I do not know!

Allow me my last breath among beauty!
No matter how harsh!
Of mountain and stream,
River and blizzard.
Driving rains,
And wind so strong I know it is God's own breath!

I release you your responsibilities,
Save this one:
Set me free on my final day!