Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I don’t know how we could have known.  It is an immersion into the universe we seek. A return to knowledge we have never had as human beings. It draws us like fire. Like love. We know it, and yet we don’t. We wish it’s return, yet we know not what it is. But it is us, and it knows us.
It is a wondrous thing. Each time we find the answer that solves all the mysteries of the universe, it reveals more questions than the answer. Each time we stumble and fail, we progress further forward. Each time we are brave enough to fail, we succeed. Thus it is with the Higgs. A hint of success but not a complete success, and yet it seems it may reveal much more than we had ever dreamed it would. Imagine. The void is not empty. Space is full of potential. And more than that, space is tactile. We float in a dream dreaming a dream about a dream of reality. And what can one say about that? It is lovely!
Such is the place where men meet the gods. To achieve a level where we are not only aware of the universe, but we can now peer into its workings to such a point where we can see that not only is it profound, it is infinitely profound. Like Pi. It is infinitely ordered. It is a well of mystery which we can solve, and when we do it reveals an even deeper mystery. Is it teaching us? Leading us on by the hand to an ever greater level of understanding? I think that is the nature of existence. And our destiny as well.
And what of the gods? Some say there are none, some say there is but one. I say it is a question that means little due to our lack of understanding. But here it is, as best as I can put it as I understand it: Why is God invisible? Why doesn’t he pop up and say here I am? Why doesn’t he help everyone in need? 1. We don’t understand what we are talking about, and 2. A good parent teaches the child to be a man. What would you do if you didn’t have a father? Become the father you wish you had had. Become the ideal! What good is there in anything but that?
Ah but there I stray again into my own esoteric theology. Not what I was here to say. What I wish to say is celebrate! Science, religion, philosophy, divisions we create! They are all the same thing! Celebrate! We reach for the stars, the gods, the answers! And why? Why! I think inside each of us knows. We just don’t have the language to state it.